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1994 Nissan Skyline GTS25T Type-M

1994 Nissan Skyline GTS25T Type-M

Available now is this super clean R33 GTS25T! This car is a factory Dark Green Blue two tone car and is absolutely stunning to look at. This is one of the coolest colors you can get on one these cars and it has a lot of depth and shine to it. This car started life as an automatic but has been converted to manual. The swap has been done very well and has no issues. 
The car remains completely untouched on the outside. The body of this car is in fantastic shape and is free from any significant scratches or dents. The paint is in very good condition and looks amazing no matter the lighting. As much as we love GTR aero on R33 GTSTs, this car looks perfect just the way it is!
The interior remains untouched as well with the exception of an aftermarket boost gauge and a Carrozerria head unit. The interior is in fantastic shape as well and is free from any tears, rips or stains. The grandma spec seat covers tell you everything you need to know about this car’s past life. 
This R33 runs beautifully well and it’s evident that it was well taken care of. The RB25DET starts up and runs strong. It still runs on stock boost and the 5 speed transmission shifts smoothly. This car is rust free and drives beautifully well! 55,000 original miles.