1993 Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo

1993 Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo

Available now is this very aggressively styled MK4 Supra! This is a factory 2JZGTE powered car meaning no swaps needed. This factory black hardtop car looks killer from all around and has plenty of power to spin the rear wheels when needed.


The exterior of this car has some killer parts installed which makes this Supra look so much more aggressive than most stock'ish Supra's. A genuine Top Secret hood, genuine Ridox side skirts, genuine Ridox diffuser and a TRD Type S rear wing really set this car off. The paint is in very good condition and the body is free from any significant scratches or dents. The black looks killer from every angle and shines nicely.


The interior has been mostly left untouched (as Supra interiors should be!). Subtle tasteful touches include Tom's seatbelt covers and a big woofer.


The engine bay remains completely stock. The 2JZGTE remains reliable as ever and starts right up and runs super strong. The only addition to the performance side of things is the HKS exhaust. 149,000 original miles.


Top Secret hood

Top Secret rear diffuser

Ridox side skirts

TRD Type-S wing

Tein coilovers

Work D9R wheels